Autoluxe Tires is active in the imports, marketing and distribution of tires, tubes and alloy wheels to hundreds of businesses throughout Israel.

Autoluxe Tires carries a select collection of brands, offering a wide range of tire sizes and types for all purposes.


This company, that is the backbone of Autoluxe Group, employs a large professional staff with an advanced infrastructure for marketing, sales, logistics, technical and after sales service.


The company maintains a constant stock with a wide range of tires that enables effective and fast service to its customers.

Autoluxe Tires is the representative of worldwide leading tire brand manufacturers that belong to the "Billion Dollar Club" (tire manufacturers with annual sales turnovers of more than a billion dollars). In addition, Autoluxe Tires is also the representative of a number of leading alloy wheels manufacturers.


The tires that Autoluxe imports are manufactured according to International Standards: American D.O.T., and/or E-30 (passengers), E-54 (trucks) European.


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